It’s still early hours in the morning. Ashok Nagar – a crowded settlement made up largely of migrant families – in the western part of New Delhi is going about its daily routine. Men and women scurry to work in shared auto rickshaws, the shops are in business, and hawkers shout out for customers to

Founded in 1988 under Seva Mandir’s income generation programme, Sadhna is a women-led home-based worker enterprise specialising in textile crafts. When it was founded, Sadhna was unique because it introduced crafts – hand embroidery, applique and other techniques – to a community of women. Today

The year 2020 was a landmark year for HomeNet South Asia. It was two decades ago, in a historic setting, in 2000, that governments from across South Asia came together with SEWA, WIEGO, UNIFEM (UN Women at present), diverse partners from civil society and research organisations to adopt the


For centuries, the South Asian region has been renowned for its textile traditions and heritage. These skills have been nurtured and perfected not in busy factories and by famous brands but by unknown home-based workers. Even in the 21st century, the toil of these workers at hand-pulled looms

How A Social Enterprise In Udaipur Organises And Links Home-Based Workers To Global Supply Chains


It was a quiet day, when we arrived, in Kamli Ka Guda. The expansive highways that stretch out of Udaipur give way to the less-travelled road that leads to Delwara. Once a dukedom of the princely

The spread of COVID-19 across South Asia has resulted in the large-scale shutdown of business operations. While almost all industries have been adversely affected, the garment industry is one of the worst-hit. This has left export houses and domestic manufacturers without work orders and with no